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Spare Change Goes a Long Way There are few things more frustrating than hearing that distinct rattle in the washing machine. Clink. Clink. The sound of quarters and dimes emerging from pant pockets and vocally enjoying a Tide bath. Coins have become a forgotten commodity in our world. Occasionally we fish them out from our wallets to avoid getting more change in return or to buy something from the rare vending machine. But all that spare change can really add up to make a big difference. Try placing a few change-catching cups around the house and encourage everyone to deposit their coins. Make sure to keep one near the washing machine for those retrieved before, or after, the wash. Choose a fun way to spend this money – like a family outing for pizza or bowling – and you’ll be amazed at how quickly those coins add up! In some areas, banks or casinos will still count change for free…so make sure to ask. Don’t let your spare change just hide in the couch cushions and lay aroun